DMCA seeks to clarify its use of images and videos from the Internet on our website, considering them as open-source materials employed for illustrative purposes. The content, videos, and images sourced from the internet are thereby considered part of the public domain, intended for those who are interested. Furthermore, as a responsible entity, Remake The Last Jedi is committed to upholding ethical conduct and refrains from intentionally violating the rights of individuals or entities, as explicitly stated. Should you be the rightful copyright holder of any image, video, or material featured on our website,, we encourage you to communicate your perspective for our awareness.

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The provided complaint, notice, or request should include the following:

  1. Full name and valid contact details of the complainant, along with documentation demonstrating their sole ownership of the image, content, or related materials.
  2. Precise location on the website where the aggrieved party initially encountered the content. Please include visual evidence or a URL link to the specific page.
  3. Detailed information about the concerned image, content, or other materials.
  4. A formal statement directed to Remake The Last Jedi, affirming the complainant’s rightful ownership of the work that has been inappropriately utilized by the company. This statement may be referenced if the complaint is found to be false, misleading, or defamatory.
  5. If you are a representative of the original copyright holder (Second Party), please ensure you attach a letter of authorization along with a physically or electronically signed declaration from the First Party or the original copyright holder.”

Please note that the provided text is original and crafted to address your requirements.

In situations where the aforementioned details are incomplete or improperly provided to, there is a possibility that, in minor instances, the request may not be eligible for consideration. In certain cases, this could potentially lead to the company taking legal action against any individual or entity that appears to be unjustly attempting to falsely implicate in an unsubstantiated matter.

It’s essential to bear in mind that upon receipt of a thoroughly valid and authenticated complaint, notice, or request, we will respond in writing to the affected party (using the provided email address) to acknowledge receipt. Additionally, we will outline a specified timeframe during which we will properly attend to and resolve the issue at hand.

It is crucial to bear in mind that upon receiving a complaint, notice, or request that is both fully valid and verified, we will promptly respond to the concerned party in writing. This communication will take place through the email address used for sending the initial complaint, notice, or request. Our acknowledgment will include a stipulated timeframe, as requested, during which we commit to diligently addressing and resolving the pertinent matter in a just and timely manner.