Editorial Policy

Welcome to the Editorial Policy of RemakeTheLastJedi Media PVT LTD (referred to as “RemakeTheLastJedi” / “We” / “Us” / “Our”). This policy outlines our mission, ethical principles, content differentiation, language standards, Public Purpose, and Editorial Mission, reflecting our commitment to responsible and credible journalism.

At RemakeTheLastJedi, our core purpose is to serve as a responsible digital media platform, delivering news and editorials on critical societal issues that deserve the attention of an informed and thoughtful audience. Our editorial standards are closely aligned with our Code of Ethics, and our Public Purposes and Editorial Mission include:

  1. Educating with Truth: We strive to provide information that is as accurate and truthful as possible, fostering an environment of informed understanding.
  2. Promoting Diverse Discourse: We aim to create a platform where a wide range of perspectives and ideas can be discussed openly and respectfully.
  3. Advocacy for the Vulnerable: We are committed to highlighting issues affecting vulnerable and marginalized communities, and driving positive change through our reporting.
  4. Agents of Positive Change: With integrity and knowledge as our foundation, we seek to initiate and support initiatives that contribute to societal progress.
  5. Inspiring Narratives: We believe in sharing stories of individuals from around the world, especially Pakistan, who are catalysts for change, inspiring others through their selfless actions.

Our content adheres to high standards of accuracy and accountability, as outlined in our Corrections Policy. To ensure transparency and impartiality, we actively manage conflicts of interest among our employees. This includes guidelines for personal finances, professional engagements, and reportage consistent with our Code of Conduct. Our employees abstain from creating advertorial content and are cautious about accepting gifts or trips that may compromise their objectivity.

Our content categories are broadly classified into news-oriented and views-oriented content, each distinctly identifiable. While maintaining this separation, we also value honesty, analysis, and commentary in our content. Our editorial content is accompanied by relevant hashtags or labels to clearly differentiate between news and opinion.

To maintain a respectful and professional tone, our content refrains from using obscenities and profanities. In exceptional cases where their inclusion is essential to convey critical context, approval from executive or managing editors is mandatory. When potentially offensive content with news value is included, we ensure the appropriate warnings are provided to our readers.

This Editorial Policy underscores our commitment to producing credible, accurate, and impactful content that serves our readers and upholds the values of responsible journalism.