Fact Check Policy

Welcome to the Fact Check Policy of RemakeTheLastJedi.com. Our commitment to accuracy and credibility drives our robust approach to fact-checking, ensuring that the information we present is trustworthy and reliable. This policy provides insight into our methodology, sources, verification process, and the standards we uphold.

Approach to Fact-Checking: Which Stories Are Within Our Scope?

The Fact Check team at RemakeTheLastJedi.com diligently investigates claims across a broad spectrum of topics, particularly focusing on critical issues that impact our audience. Some examples of the stories we undertake include:

  1. Political Claims: Verifying statements made by politicians or individuals in prominent government positions.
  2. Political Misinformation: Addressing information that portrays political parties or leaders inaccurately, whether in support or opposition.
  3. Hate Speech and False Information: Scrutinizing content from social media accounts, pages, or handles that spread hatred using false information.
  4. User-Submitted Reports: Responding to submissions from our readers who bring potentially suspicious content to our attention.
  5. Scams and Rumors: Investigating claims that have the potential to induce fear or panic among the public.
  6. Health and Business Claims: Evaluating health-related misinformation and statements concerning the economy or business.

Sources of Information: Where Do We Get Our News From?

We gather information from diverse sources, ranging from WhatsApp forwards to mainstream media and social platforms. Our thorough approach includes:

  1. Social Media: Analyzing trending hashtags, profiles of individuals, and pages on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Messaging Platforms: Investigating content circulating on messaging platforms like WhatsApp.
  3. Mainstream Media: Referencing print and audio-visual media to verify and cross-check claims.
  4. Community Engagement: Welcoming our community members to reach out via [EMAIL OR PHONE NUMBER] to request verification of specific information.

Verification Process: How Do We Bust Fake News?

Our fact-checking process involves meticulous investigation and collaboration with experts. The steps we follow include:

  1. Digital Tools: Utilizing tools like Google and Yandex Reverse Image Search, InVid Fake News Debunker, and Photograph Exif Tools.
  2. Internet Research: Employing search filters to trace the origin of circulated posts and messages.
  3. Expert Consultation: Engaging experts in relevant fields, such as doctors for health-related claims, to verify and provide insights.
  4. Contacting Sources: Reaching out to individuals who may be linked to the event or claim to gather accurate information.
  5. Credible Sources: Relying on reputable sources to cross-reference information and ensure accuracy.

Presentation of Stories: How Do We Explain Our Findings?

Our stories adhere to a structured format that encompasses various dimensions of the fact-checking process:

  1. Context: Presenting the current situation that led to the circulation of fake news.
  2. Description of Fake News: Detailing the claims made in the misinformation.
  3. Source Analysis: Identifying and describing the sources of the false information.
  4. Engagement Metrics: Enumerating engagement, likes, and shares from different social media platforms.
  5. Influential Personalities: Highlighting notable individuals who share the false content and their associated comments.
  6. Verification Tools: Disclosing the tools employed to fact-check the story.
  7. Original vs. Viral Content: Comparing the original content with the viral post.
  8. Expert Insights: Incorporating expert opinions or comments from relevant individuals.
  9. Conclusion: Summarize the findings and implications of the fact check.

Post-Publication and Accuracy Maintenance: What Happens Next?

After publishing, we remain committed to accuracy. If developments occur, we update stories with pertinent information and acknowledge any errors by issuing corrections or apologies when necessary.

Sourcing Information: Ensuring Credibility

The source of information depends on the nature of the claim. We use credible media sources, government websites, reputable agencies, think tanks and research groups to verify claims based on their relevance and credibility.

At RemakeTheLastJedi.com, our Fact Check Policy guarantees that our audience receives verified and accurate information. Our commitment to transparent and thorough fact-checking underpins our dedication to responsible journalism.